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Six in a bag

Six in a bag

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A set of 6, 2" Guatemalan dolls made from scrap material at a artisan co-op. The perfect small gift for any little kiddo with an imagination. These dolls are a reminder to be aware of the thousands of women who are at risk, in poverty or slavery around the world. Keep them in your thoughts or prayers. 

This bag was made by artisans in Guatemala. Because of the poor economic condition of the country of, many men migrate to the United States leaving their families behind; wives and children are forced to live without husband or father.  This craft organization has served as a good alternative to avoid migration, thus ensuring the men have stable work here. They are able to take care of their families in every way.  Care requires more than providing money.

As always, at least 10% of the profits from this product are donated towards funding adoptions.