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Imani Workshops

Imani Workshops was established in 2005 as a branch of the Family Preservation Initiative under the IU-Kenya Partnership’s AMPATH program. The Academic Model for the Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) is a working model of urban and rural HIV prevention and treatment services in the public sector of Kenya. AMPATH currently cares for more than 100,000+ HIV infected adults and children in Western Kenya. Family Preservation Initiative (FPI) provides avenues for HIV positive patients and their families to achieve sustainable economic security by increasing their skills, knowledge and productivity and improving the quality of their life.

     Imani Workshops is a revenue-generating social enterprise focused on producing high quality crafts by HIV+ artisans in western Kenya. Due to stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, many AMPATH patients have a hard time securing a job or accessing credit for a business loan. The Family Preservation Initiative and Imani Workshops gives them a second chance at getting their life back on track while, at the same time, promoting economic self sufficiency. Imani employees all earn a living by producing high quality handmade goods. Imani workshops aims to expand its reach to the vulnerable individuals in other sites in Kenya by providing capacity building and markets to other HIV positive artisan groups. It is laying foundation for an Imani Training Institute and testing a “work from home” Model called Kazi Nyumbani to develop contract manufacturing relationships, incorporate those with disabilities and provide business ownership opportunities.

     Imani Workshops is currently comprised of 30 full-time employees and 220-100 part-time employees. 100% of the income earned through sales is reinvested in the Workshop through which artisans benefit from employment, skills training and other forms of empowerment.