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Host A Flash Boutique

Tired of parties where you shop from a catalogue, order, pay shipping, then wait a week or two before you can actually enjoy your purchase? Don't worry, that's not us. A flash boutique is like a pop up shop that comes right to you!

You send us an e-mail, we work out a date. You get a free shipping coupon code to use so you can start shopping right away, and let your friends start shopping, then you host your Elegance Restored Boutique! We show up, set up a live boutique in your home, church or place of business where everyone you know, even your neighbors can come shop and take home. Earn $15 in product for every $100 purchased at the flash boutique or anything purchased using your specific coupon code! You keep your code for a week before and a week after your boutique date. This will make you want to wear your new ethical garments and jewelry every day so you can share your code with everyone! We promise your gonna be so happy with your purchases knowing that they helped create jobs and well being for your fellow woman. E-mail our coordinator at