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Funding Adoptions

We donate at least 10% of our profits to "A Family For Every Orphan" to fund adoptions.


If you have ever thought very long about the immense number of orphans in the world, 153 million, you have undoubtedly wondered, "how can we fix this!?". We all want to help children in need. So every year many Americans adopt from overseas and though this is a wonderful act of love and kindness even if every single American family adopted a child from another country it would still not fix the problem. There has to be another way. A Family For Every Orphan sees that finding families within these children's own countries is the most achievable, the most financially prudent, and the most healthy way for each child to become a part of a family.

Also you may not know this, but worldwide there has become an acceptance of children ageing out of orphanages. It seems obvious that finding a home for an orphan would be a top priority but over the years of NGO's and Government organizations being the leading caretakers of orphans there has grown an acceptance for children being raised in orphanages through to adulthood. It is not a top priority to make adoptions happen for these kids.As a result 50% of all children who age out of an orphanage end up with some kind of drug addiction. 40% of boys end up in a life of crime and 60% of girls fall into prostitution as a means to survive. This is not the way children were designed to be raised. Humans have a great need for family. It is the most healthy way to grow up. So A Family For Every Orphan and the World Without Orphans movement is leading a charge towards changing this mindset in the world's orphanages and facilitating adoptions into loving families.

A Family For Every Orphan believes that the best way to care for orphans is by placing them in permanent, loving families. Many orphanages provide for the physical needs of children yet they are left unequipped emotionally, spiritually, socially and mentally to survive and thrive in life outside the orphanage. For this reason A Family For Every Orphan is focusing their efforts on supporting programs in developing nations that are making the possibility of adoption a reality within those nations. They support a wide variety of programs that all have the same goal in mind--more orphans living in permanent, loving, families so that these children have the opportunity to become happy, contributing, faith-filled adults who are capable of receiving and giving love.

A family for every orphan estimated that the total cost of getting one child adopted is approximately the sum of all the individual projects they funded over one year divided by the number of kids who were helped by these projects. When they did the analysis, it came out to $456 per child or $39 a month! 

Did your jaw just drop to the floor at those numbers? Yeah mine did to. That's why Elegance Restored is so proud to be donating at least 10% of our profits to A Family For Every Orphan. It's the most economically prudent way to facilitate children gaining a loving family. We are also very excited because this organization is directly affecting the lives of orphans in the countries that our products are providing jobs in and the same countries that are negatively affected by the fast fashion movement!

This is part of our vision to change the world, because when families flourish, poverty drowns and freedom is at hand.

If you love this idea but don't see anything on our website that you want to purchase you can give directly to A Family For Every Orphan here ====>GIVE