Sex trafficking is a form of slavery where people are coerced into prostitution. The overall root of this evil in countries like Nepal are poverty, lack of opportunity, and a desperation for acceptance. The motivation behind Elegantees is our desire to see an end to it.

The "elegant tee" was created in 2010 to merge garment industry experience with entrepreneurship and fighting trafficking. It's more than creating stylish clothing, but by opening doors for those rescued from being trafficked. We provide hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. Over a dozen work for us who earn a positive and livable source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives.

Elegantees non-profit partner,  K.I. Nepal  who creates these tops,  pulls 20,000 women out of the slave trade in Nepal every year. They employ just 18 women in their sewing project and have a list of 500 women who want to learn to sew as a new vocation after leaving the sex trade behind. Providing a new vocation to these women is key for survival as women will return to the slave trade up to 11 times if they have no other alternative. So we are joining them in their efforts to create jobs for these women. We want enough demand on their product that they have to hire all 500 women and more.