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We would love to have you as a partner in changing the world one sale at a time. Our program is simple. For every customer order you bring to us we will pay out a 10% commission. Our program is setup to also pay out 5% of every subsequent purchase they make! As our customer base grows so can your commission!

The fine print: (I know, we don't love it either but need to make sure its there)

-10% commission on the first customer order sent from you.

-5% commission on all subsequent visits by customers you sent us.

-if your affiliate account is inactive (making less than $25 a month) for 6 months we will delete the account.

-we reserve the right to make changes to this program at any time. (we will notify you of any changes that affect you before we make them)

-we reserve the right to revoke access to the affiliate account when it is being abused. (we will contact you first if this is the case)

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