One Child at a Time

One Child at a Time

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It’s just true. The more babies around the more we loose our minds a bit. But we know it’s not a bad thing, it’s the best thing ever. Pick your color and your size in one of our Organic Cotton t-shirts and we will put the graphic “loosing my mind one child at a time” on it. All shirts will be printed in white lettering except the white t-shirt which will get black lettering. 

100% Organic cotton women’s t-shirt. We wanted to carry basics that are good for your body, good for the farmers who grew the cotton, safe and fair for the people who sewed them and be able to sell them at an affordable price. So we are so excited to offer you our new line of 100% organic cotton tee shirts, made fairly in the USA. 

These shirts are a slightly more feminine cut on your basic t-shirt. They are cotton and unwashed so you can expect a bit of shrinking. Size up for a more relaxed fit.



Unwashed measurements: