Alathea Tote Bag

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  Our totes are sewn and silk-printed by women in Cambodia. It is a canvas bag with a vegan leather handle with a small pocket inside. This fair trade accessory is slightly larger than your average canvas tote. It’s perfect to bring along your laptop or swing by the farmers’ market!

The Alathea Tote is handmade by women artisans in rural Cambodia. Made of local materials, eco-friendly dyes and modern screen printing techniques, this bag is designed to be durable and beautiful so you can wander the globe worry-free. We made the arrow design, and then it's sent to Cambodia to make into a screen, burned on silk.  That pattern is then printed onto yards and yards of fabric before it's sewn into this sturdy bag.  The tote has a small pocket inside, perfect for your keys or phone. It's a little larger than an average tote, so it's great to throw everything in and go!  Perfect for the farmers market or bringing your laptop + sweater to work.  

18"/15" with 30" straps