The Fab Four Of Fair Fashion

When it comes to ethical fashion we are all in a perpetual state of learning and striving towards better until things get better. I’m definitely nowhere near exempt to that learning curve so I’m very thankful for a few ladies who have gone before me and shared their insight and knowledge on the subject. I want to share about these few so you can jumpstart your journey by knowing them too.


First up is Molly Stillman of Still Being Molly. This gal is crazy real and down to earth which puts her on this top four list all the way. Over the last year that I’ve followed her I have seen this woman be indescribably brave, beautiful and driven. You can follower her just for life but also she has THE most comprehensive link list of ethical companies that I have seen yet. Anytime any of you asks me about where to get something that we don’t carry I always refer y’all to this sweet lady. She is a wealth of knowledge, hope and giggles. You can listen to Mollys podcast Business With Purpose.

My interview is episode #51 right here 

Also here is her Ethical Brand Directory. Save this link, it’s a amazing resource! Check it out here


Olivia of Simply Liv and Co. is totally a soul sister. I think we must have been actual sisters in a past life or something, if I believed in past lives and such. She has been blogging and reviewing ethical fashion companies for a few years now. Her reviews are comprehensive, honest and based on a strong foundation of ethical principals. This is a lady you can trust. She wrote a blog bost for us a while back. You can check it out here


Jasmine and I connected about a year ago when we are the tiniest little baby company (now we are a toddler). She was so generous to take time to review our company and post a blog about it. I have to say that someone as in demand as her taking time on a tiny, basically non-existent company like ours spoke volumes to me about her motive and ethic. She cares about the mission, about promoting people who are doing things right and truly making a difference. If any of you folks are Australian locals, this is your girl to follow and take cues from. She was one of the First Ladies to give us a chance as an ethical company. When we were just a few months old she was kind enough to post an interview with me. You can check it  and her website out here


The blond bomb shell, world traveler. There’s something that changes in you when you do get to see the world and especially the unsavory parts. Jill and her husband are from my neck of the woods but in the last year have been traveling around the world visiting different ethical companies, sharing their stories and lifting them up. I can’t tell you how jealous of, and thankful I am for this woman  I am in her pursuit of living with a purpose. I definitely use her and her man as a source of knowledge for home goods, men’s wear and easy tips and tricks for a more ethical lifestyle. Satisfy or feed your wanderlust here

Now can you please be my teacher?! Who are your influencers on the subject of fairly made fashion or just the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle? 



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