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Too Busy for Dreaming


Have you ever wondered, “when is there going to be time for…..-insert hopes and dreams here” ? I used to ask myself this question all the time and my hope and dream was to care for the poor. “When am I actually going to be able to satisfy this desire to act?” This thought would weasel it’s way into my brain when I was trying to attack a mountain of laundry while my two, two and three year-olds were napping. “and where did all these clothes come from!?!” I would ask myself. “How much more time would I have to do these things I care about if my kids and I only had one outfit each to rotate through and when they got dirty we would be forced to wash, dry and put them away!” As you can see I have a tendency for extremism as well. I once tried to convince my husband to sell our house and build us a tiny home so we could just live off the land and grow our own food so he could stay home and be with us all day every  single day… I still can’t figure out why he didn’t take to the idea; this from a woman who very much enjoys having frozen pizza dinners at least once every week. The thing is, sometimes our hearts are bigger than our hands and sometimes we need to work smarter and not harder on our hopes and dreams especially when they relate to serving and helping. The wonderful beauty of the modern era is that we can reach out and touch people who are thousands of miles away with the click of a button. If we stop and think, we can do many things that can help those in need. This reality was so freeing for me when my husband and I first happened upon the idea for Elegance Restored. We thought we were bound by our circumstances of Irish triplets, to step out of the fight for the downcast and in need for several years until our kids were grown, then we could finally participate in helping, but it was revealed to us that we could help if we only paused and took the time to simply think about where our mountain of laundry was coming from. That takes almost no energy at all. In fact it’s super fun and energizing to walk into your closet in the morning and see a shirt that created a job for a woman at risk of being thrust into the sex slave trade. That shirt helped keep her from a life of degradation and likely will keep her sons and daughters safe from the same fate. It’s elating to buy a gift for your friends birthday of a pair of super cute earrings and know that those earrings helped make it possible for a woman to start raising pigs in her area, providing herself an honest living and a source of healthy food to her village.  Mindfulness is possibly equally as powerful as great action.

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