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Loving The World

I hesitate to enter into this space of feeling and opinion as I’m just an online boutique owner and you are likely just here shopping for some super cute clothes or accessories. Who am I to talk of deeper things in such a place. But the beauty of this space is that we have let the world in. We have not refused to see the ugly and the sad in the world by pushing it out, putting blinders on with sales and shopping for cute clothes. We have brought them to you hand in hand. We have also chosen to not take a lofty stance and charge you to change your entire life for the sake of a mission. Neither of these positions make sense to me. I’m a mom of three. My time, energy, drive is limited to say the least by the sweetest little blessings I could have never dreamed up.

These tiny people have not made me less aware of the woes in our world today. In fact their little faces only remind me of the other faces across the globe that might be hungry like their bellies are not, might not be clothed well like their little bodies are. Our blessings have made us oh so grateful. We aren’t entitled to them, we don’t deserve them more than the rest, we have been given a gift.

But things in this world are mixed up and somehow it’s been allowed for my tiny people to have plenty and others to have few or none. I can’t explain this, my mind isn’t big enough to understand but my heart is big enough to pump blood through my veins and bring oxygen to my muscles and charge me to move to action. As a mom I can’t help myself. I heard a quote somewhere that went something like this, “Women who desire to be mothers have also a desire to make every child who has no mother her child.” Yes we have entered into the Orphan Crisis conversation.. I know.. on a clothing brand website (insert eye roll emoji) but this topic is the reason Elegance Restored even exists. We saw that there was an opportunity to bring a greater health to the commerce in more indigenous or poverty stricken parts of the world. We saw that if we could affect the income of moms sewing in factories than maybe less would choose prostitution, less would give their children away to local orphanages and if we could create a successful business maybe we could give some money to people wanting to give true orphans a loving home.



The truth is it was really all about me though. I’ve wanted to be the one to go, the one to help, hands on in these places of need but with three babies to care for I felt like I was benched until they were grown. I think I’m not alone in this. Have you let the world in? Have you chosen to feel for those in need? Then your right here with me. I’m convinced that with a little care and thought about where we purchase the things we already need and plan to buy we can make a difference. We can participate and continue to let the world in even if we never cross oceans. This is the beauty of choosing to say, “I see you and I care” when we shop. It’s a powerful thought that brings action.

The little sweetheart pictured above is Ruth. Her folks abandoned her and now she is facing being placed in an orphanage where her and about 300 other kids will be cared for by only about 5 adults. There is a local couple that is wanting to foster her permanently. The cost to facilitate that is $1800... yup... only $1800. If you can give anything would you please join us in doing so? It is something so small for us but it could make a world of difference for this sweet baby. 

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