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Preserving The Family With Fashion

There’s always options when it comes to shopping. This price, that price, high quality, low quality, this color, that color. We have so many options today because of the wonderful world wide web. It’s amazing in fact, powerful to be sure. We all get to decide how we wield this power. We can use it for so much good or we can use it for some things that are not so good. But first can we just look at this bag.

I honestly can say I have not seen a more beautiful bag in my life. This is heavy duty, high quality. I almost feel like it is somehow a piece of history itself because I honestly didn't think anyone made leather luggage like this anymore. The leather work reminds me of the quality that a horse saddle must be constructed with, with intention to last, to be used, and worked. Now back to my story.

I want to focus on a particular trend that is up and coming. Mayan hupil textiles are the new bees knees. If you don’t think so, or are not familiar with what I’m talking about, just wait, about mid summer this year you will start seeing bags and prints like these in magazines, commercials and then cheap apparel shops. This is where I hope you cause you to maybe pause before you buy.

This artwork is not something that came out of a fashion designers head, it’s a product of a culture with history that has gone back thousands of years. There is a whole population of people who spend their lives creating, learning and teaching to create these pieces. When big brands come along and steel their designs, have them manufactured in sweat shops in Bangladesh or China and sell them at a humongous mark up there is a cost to that culture, to those people and their art.


Many families in Guatemala struggle to provide for themselves with a lack of jobs that pay above the poverty wage. Often times the men in the family are left with no other choice but to migrate up to US or another area where they are able to be paid enough to provide for their family. This splits up families. Kids need their dads for more than just providing food and shelter. An unbroken family is a powerful thing in the fight to prevent human trafficking. This is why it is so important to give credit where credit is due. Buying original art from a fair trade source can keep these families together, provide the extra income needed to allow dad to stay working in the area.

Buying from the original artist preserves an art form for the next generation of Guatemalans, it preserves the culture and what a beautiful culture it is.

So I just wanted to share this with you as an opportunity to build value into these people, to help keep families intact, to buy well, with love. As well as all the good karma points you score, you also get to enjoy a very quality piece of artwork. I promise nothing at “bulls eye” will compare with these amazing handwoven, hand embroidered gems that will last a lifetime and I promise that you will feel nothing but joy when you use these pieces and think about the fact that your purchase provided so much for another person needing to be valued, just like you.

Use the coupon code HUIPIL until June 14th for an extra 10% off and bag purchase!



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