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Spring is for Hope

                                               The fragrance of hyacinth blooms is finally here.

Every day in March I would go out to my garden and visit the little green bulb beaks poking out of the ground and now Spring is here.

It’s time for fresh air, dusting off the winter slumber and welcoming so much green. I usually prepare for the season by freshening up my home décor, by adding some color and putting away the truly winter items.


This leads me to my closet where bumps and bulges of sweaters litter my hanging racks. Oregon is a place where we truly have strong changes in season. I love the feeling of pulling my winter items down and stuffing them in a box, banishing them until fall.

This year this event has left my closet somewhat bare. I’m perplexed by the empty spaces and realize that there has been an attrition over the last season of neutral tops that have been stained and ruined by blackberry pie at thanksgiving and by toddlers who are curious with scissors.This can be a problem or an opportunity and I’m a woman so shopping is always an opportunity.

Let me share with you some items that I am so happy to add to my bare closet. First I'm really excited that I get an opportunity to add some of our tops to my collection. We mainly stick to neutrals and subdued hues here at Elegance Restored and the reason for that is because they lend themselves more towards a capsule wardrobe which is a great place to start if you are trying to transition towards a more ethical wardrobe.

 Now let me tell you about these necklaces...

  They are the perfect accessory addition to a spring capsule wardrobe. I think next to a short string of pearls, a long string of beads is likely the most timeless piece of jewellery you can own.

Now tassels are pretty popular at the moment so we added some ethically sourced tassels to some of these necklaces but they are removable so you can still wear your beads when the tassel fad moves on. Also you add the tassel to other necklaces you may already own in order to breath new style into them!

I want to talk to you a little more about these necklaces and what they mean to me. They are beautiful, but their beauty is more than aesthetic. These necklaces represent hope for a mother just like me. Shop the whole collection here.

We women would do anything for our babies if you asked us to. We would even work all day in a rock quarry in dangerous heat in order to provide food for them.

Lumuna, a mama in the Acholi quarter of Uganda, does just that and with that income she is still not able to provide enough money to send her babies to school, school that will give them the tool of education that is crucial for their survival into adulthood where they live. So Project Have Hope is funding the education of this woman's children.

This organization also provides business loans that provide for the people in this area of Uganda to have pride in working a job of their own choosing as their own bosses. What a source of pride and empowerment! Project Have Hope gets their funds from donations and from the sale of necklaces just like these which are made by the Ugandan women. They are able to work from home with their children in tow and at their own pace with no fear of losing their job if they are slower or are not as skilled as others.

 So my new spring capsule makes me happy. Happy for all the right reasons and I feel so full when I’m reminded of what these beads represent. Hope.

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Learn more about Project Have Hope by watching this lovely video!


Project Have Hope - Acholi Quarter, Uganda from Katie Kaizer on Vimeo.

 Uganda Photos: Karen Sparacio





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